Learn More About Wi-Fi Network Around You with WifiInfoView [Freeware]


WifiInfoView, brought to you by NirSoft, is a free portable network tool that scans the wireless networks nearby and reveals extensive information about them, including SSID, MAC address, Signal Quality, Frequency, Channel, Router model, Speed, etc., etc.. If you are using a Wi-Fi equipped computer and are wondering about the detectable Wi-Fi network around you, this could be a very useful tool.

WifiInfoView #1

When you select a specific network from the detected Wi-Fi network list, the lower pane displays that network Wi-Fi information elements in hexadecimal format.

You can also group these information in 4 different summery mode, from Options dropdown menu.

  • Channels Summery Mode
  • Companies Summery Mode
  • PHY Types Summery Mode
  • Max Speed Summery Mode

WifiInfoView Options

WifiInfoView Companies Summery Mode

Just like all other NirSoft tools, WifiInfoView is completely free and portable. It works in both GUI and command line mode, completely compatible with most of the Windows systems, from Vista and up, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions. Unfortunately, XP is not supported by this tool, because the new Wi-Fi API the tool uses doesn’t existed in XP. However, the other NirSoft tool WirelessNetView might be helpful if you want to get wireless network information on a XP machine.



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