List Your Windows 7 Sticky Notes with Sticky7List


Windows 7’s new built in Sticky Notes feature is quite handy and useful but lacks a number of features, one of which is how to easily list and find the note easily out of a number of notes you have. I hope this little tool Sticky7List is able to help you out.

As we know, all notes taken in Windows 7 Sticky Notes are saved in a binary file called stickynotes.snt in your own user profile folder at %appdata%\Microsoft\Sticky Notes. Because of this, you can’t easily find out what’s in it. That’s why this Sticky7List is developed to save a copy of all the sticky notes in a convenient list.

image thumb66 - List Your Windows 7 Sticky Notes with Sticky7List

To use the tool, you need to download the program and install it onto your Windows 7 system first. Once it’s installed,

1. Stop Sticky Notes application from Task Manager to allow the tool to access the notes file.

2. Launch the tool.

3. You can restart Sticky Notes application once you get your list.

Note that Sticky7List only saves and shows Windows 7 Sticky Notes in a convenient list but it does not manage the sticky notes in any way. All Windows 7 Sticky Notes are still managed by the Sticky Notes application or if you wish by a 3rd party software called WhizFolders.

If you are a heavy Sticky Notes taker, this little tool may help you a bit down the road.



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