Locating Files with No Inherited or Explicit Permissions on Windows


When you have a large file structure, it’s hard to find files that have the explicit permissions that are not inherited from their parent folders. If in case you need to dig these files out and replace them back with inherited permissions, the following tool is going to save your day.

File Permission Check is a freeware that provides a simple and intuitive GUI that you can use to scan your file shares to discover files that are not compliant with the permissions you have placed on your folders and to fix them by setting them back to inheriting permissions.

File Permissions Check Cjwdev.com 2015 02 27 12 49 41 - Locating Files with No Inherited or Explicit Permissions on Windows

You can add multiple folders and scan them with the options to exclude system files/folders or files in sub-folders more than a specific number of levels down. Add the folders by Add Directory button on the toolbar, and manage them in Manage Directories. You also have the open to scan and show only the files that don’t have inheriting permission or have different permissions, or both.

Nothing will show up in Results tab if nothing found but you can still switch to Activity Log tab to see the full scanning log when you have Log Information Event option turned on.

When there are files shown up in the Results tab, check Inherits Permission column as well as Details column to find out why they are listed there, no inheriting permission or explicit permissions. You can also export the result to a CSV or HTML file for future reference.

To fix these permission issues, right-click on the files listed in Results tab and choose Fix Permission. It will reset these files permissions back to inherited.

Overall, I am finding this tool can be very useful finding out files in a large file structure with the permission set either as explicit or no-inherited from their parent folder.


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