Logon Editor Customizing Your Windows 7 Logon Screen


Perhaps there are many other application that allows you to change the logon background picture for Windows 7, Logo Editor does more than only changing the background of the logon screen.

Logon Editor is build only for Windows 7, so sorry for all your vista users, it does not work at this time.

Here are some of the major feature this tool brings in addition to change the logon background image:

  • preview the change immediately
  • able to change the button transparency and text shadow
  • you can pick your own user name
  • ability to change the Windows 7 branding (ex. you can make your Windows 7 showing Ultimate edition even though you are running Windows 7 Home Premium)
  • you can save the logon screen as a profile

Install and download the Logon Editor here, its light weight extremely small in size.


You can pick and choose the 5 different type of Branding in the preset, by going to Preview > Windows Branding


Click Browse on the top right to change the background picture, and you will get a preview of it instantly. Notice you can also change the Text & Button Style on the menu as well.

It works on both 32bit and 64bit Windows 7. Give it a try you might find it’s useful.

Download the Logon Editor here


  1. Thanks for your tips Jonathan, your explanation of logon editor is really helpful! How many backgrounds can you choose from using this editor? I’ve actually been looking for ways to change the background of the logon page on Windows Vista. Have you found any tools to use in Vista? I recently downloaded a simple tool that helps me change the screen and gives a huge variety of sleek background options. If you’re interested, you can check out more about the tool here: http://bit.ly/a9Ymbs


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