Looking For An Awesome Word Auto-Completion Tool for Your Writing? Try Out eType


image thumb15 - Looking For An Awesome Word Auto-Completion Tool for Your Writing? Try Out eType

If you are out looking for an awesome word auto-completion tool to make your daily writing work more efficient with less typos, you may want to check out eType, a free tool that

  • completes your words, while typing;
  • translates to your native language;
  • prevents spelling mistakes.

It’s currently still in beta so you can download the beta program and give it a try for FREE. And it most likely will remain as FREE tool after it leaves beta, as it complains their revenue model as follows:

“With the privilege of having strong financial backing, eType is completely free because it is truly focused on building a strong community of users, improving its predictive algorithm and releasing new features that will continue to enhance users’ writing skills.”

The tool is aimed to work in full integration with almost every program, browser, and website, including MS Word, Outlook, Gmail, ICQ, Live Messenger, and many more. It also offers you translation feature in your native language as well. Not only that, eType also gathers the contributions from the users all over the world and centralize it into one common dictionary to benefit back to the community.

The tools is very easy to install and use. Once it’s installed and launched, it will automatically prompts you the word suggestions  after you type the first 3 letters of the word in any of supported programs.

image thumb16 - Looking For An Awesome Word Auto-Completion Tool for Your Writing? Try Out eType

You can also change many of the settings to make the program to fit more in your preferences, including suggesting words after how many letters, hot-key to disable/enable the program, add more dictionaries, etc..

image thumb17 - Looking For An Awesome Word Auto-Completion Tool for Your Writing? Try Out eType

What is my impression then?

After 10 minutes of using it, I have already fall in love with it. It works as it promises, prompt and accurate. I will definitely keep this little program on every computer I use and hope it helps me write better with less mistakes.

However, because I have already loved it, I am obligate to point out the things I wish eType should have or fix. There are only two things, really.

  • Please add support to Windows Live Writer. As a blogger, I actually use Live Writer much more than any of the word composing program, including MS Word.
  • Please also make the program support better with dual-monitor setup. Currently, when I am writing on the secondary monitor, eType suggestion box pops up on the primary monitor, which makes my eyes busy scrolling back and forth between two monitors.

[update on Aug 24, 2010]

Thanks to Daniella from eType who pointed out a trick to enable eType in Live Writer in the comment. Yes, pressing Ctrl+F8 while in the Live Write did the trick and now I can enjoy the auto-completion while writing. Cool. Furthermore, the same trick can be applied to any other programs that aren’t enabled first after eType was installed. And that makes the tool look even better, as it can be used universally on almost every program in which you need to write things.




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