Macrium Reflect FREE is A FREE Disaster Recovery Solution for Your Home Computers


If you are in market looking for a good backup or disaster recovery solution for your home computers, here is a good one for you without costing a penny.

Macrium Reflect FREE is a striped down version of Macrium Reflect suite that provides some basic backup features to protect your home computers and documents. The free version offers Disk Cloning/Imaging, Scheduled Backups, and an easy way of recovering them.


The free version doesn’t allow you to backup individual folders and files so if you want to use it as a backup tool, you end up having to back up the entire system and image it into a folder, preferably on a separate disk. However, you can schedule this process if you have a large capacity of disk handy.


And to restore, you can either browse the image file in the tool or attach an image file right in the Windows Explorer. The latter sure works much better.


You can also create two different type of bootable rescue disk media, one in Linux Live disk and one in Windows PE format. Either one should be very useful when your computer is crashed and you need to restore it from the backup image files you created before using the same tool.


Here is a bonus feature in this FREE version that can be very useful if you have an image file created by Macrium Reflect but want to restore it on a computer that doesn’t have it installed. Then, you can use this Convert image to VHD feature from Other Tasks dropdown menu.


Overall, even though the feature list in Macrium Reflect Free is quite limited, it still can be proven very useful in cases where you need a fine tool to clone or image your hard disks.



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