Maintaining Your Windows 8 with EnhanceMy8


SeriousBit’s EnhanceMy8 is a maintenance suite designed for Windows 8 to keep your Windows 8 running always at the top notch, with a ribbon-based user interface that is easy to use and navigate. It’s a desktop app so it cannot be used on Windows RT machines.

SeriousBit EnhanceMy8

The tool isn’t digitally signed so during the installation, you will be warned before you can have it installed. But feel safe to go ahead and install it anyway.

Upon launch the tool, EnhanceMy8 automatically saves a system restore point before fully launched. There are 6 tabs available in the tool that covers from displaying system information, to useful tools, and customization options.

EnhanceMy8 comes with free and pro editions. While the free edition already has a lot of useful tool, most of the tools like performance enhancements, and disk cleaner are only available in the Pro edition, which costs $29.99.

Overall it’s a pretty good tool for Windows 8 users, including the stripped version of free version. Because of this, it’s made its way to our hand picked the always updated Windows 8 Tweaking Tool List.



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