Make Text Bigger is Coming Back in Windows 10


Remember the old days in Windows XP era, you can not only change the overall scaling of your system but change the text size on almost every aspect of a window such as a title, body text, etc. The feature has been gone since Windows 7 but Microsoft is bringing it, at least part of it, back in the next feature update, according to a new build 17692 released for Windows Insider.

Go to Settings > Ease of Access > Display, you will see a new setting called “Make everything bigger” with a slider that lets you adjust text size across the system, Win32 desktop apps, and UWP apps.

Settings easy of access display make everything bigger - Make Text Bigger is Coming Back in Windows 10

Slide the text bar left and right, check the text size below the bar to see if it makes your eyes easy to read the text on your screen, and click Apply to make the change.

With the Make everything big feature enabled, you can now make the text bigger in Start menu, File Explorer, Settings, etc, without having to change the overall scaling of your system.

It’s indeed a very nice tool very useful to those who work on very high-resolution monitors, 2K or 4K monitors, or laptops like Surface Pro.



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