Make Your Word Talk with AudioDocs


AudioDocs is an open source free application that converts Microsoft Word Document to WAV audio files so you can listen to them for purposes like quick reading, proofreading, or file sharing, etc.. It works on most of the Windows systems from XP and above, both 32-bit and 64-bit. And it works on Windows systems without even MS Word installed. All it requires is to have .Net 4.5 Framework package installed and enabled. It’s written in .Net.

AudioDocs has a very simple user interface. It’s so simple because there is only one button called MS Word to AudioDoc live there for you to press on.

AudioDocs main window - Make Your Word Talk with AudioDocs

Click that only available button,  this pops up.

AudioDocs File open - Make Your Word Talk with AudioDocs

Select a Word document you want to convert, pick up one of the 3 voices, David, Hazel, and Zira, and adjust the speaking rate and volume, you are off to go by clicking the Create AudioDoc button.

Depending on the size of your Word document, the Audio version of the document should be created and ready in a few moments. The program doesn’t have a progress indicator indicating how the process progresses, which I hope it would be nice to have.

The output file is in WAV format, which can be easily listened on any of the media player, including the built in Windows Media Player.

Interested in making your Word talk? Give this open source project a try.


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