Making Money Model in Windows Store for Developers


Windows 8 Store

All apps on Windows Store right now are free but that won’t be the case once Windows 8 officially releases in a few months. To encourage more developers getting on board to develop more apps for Windows 8, Microsoft revealed some more detail information about the Windows Store pricing model and ways to help sale your apps. You probably will appreciate the effort Microsoft puts in, if you are a developer thinking of helping Windows 8 out by developing more apps for it.

The price range for an app

The app price ranges from as low as $1.49 to as high as $999.99. Microsoft will adjust the price for each currency to be approximately the same value as in your currency. Of course, the developer can still offer their app for free.

Microsoft’s cut

Microsoft charges a store fee for each app sold through the store. The fee is based on 30% of the app price until the app reaches $25,000 sales mark from which point it’s dropped to 20%. Another words, Microsoft cuts at least 20% of the sale into its own pocket.

In addition to that, developers will need to pay $49USD as registration to get into the door.

Monetization options

Microsoft offers a few models for you to choose:

  • Trial with easy conversion to the full paid version of your app
  • In app purchases to allow monetization over time
  • Advertising within your app
  • Billing through your own existing mechanisms

These are all standard practices as we all see from Apple’s App Store, except the last one, billing through your own existing mechanisms. Microsoft offers this with some certification requirements the apps have to meet.

This is a great opportunity that all Windows developers should have dreamed for. Microsoft is betting big on Windows 8. When it successes, you as a developer success as well. So why not jumping aboard?



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