Manage A Multi-Monitor Easily on Windows with DisplayFusion


We’ve shared a few tips in the past how to get more out of the awesome dual or multi-monitor setup. There is this tool that can extend taskbar across multiple monitors. And you can also use this nice tip to make a large wide wallpaper to work perfectly for dual monitors without any 3rd party tools. But if you still don’t feel enough, here is another powerful tool called DisplayFusion that will make your multi-monitor life much easier.

So what are good?

If you look at the list of the features DisplayFusion brings onto the table, you will know that is something definitely worth looking and trying. After trying for a little while, you probably will agree with many others why it’s good.

DisplayFusion offers a free version that is basically a striped down version of its Pro edition. But still, the freeware has a lots of features that will make things a lot easier for you through your daily computer life, including:

  • different image on different monitor
  • span single image across all monitors
  • load single image from online sources, like 500px, Bing Image Search, deviantArt, etc.
  • many wallpaper sizing options
  • customizable titlebar
  • ability to adjust window transparency
  • snapping features like Windows 7
  • more features to control window properties and locations.
  • etc.

Oh…it even has a feature for Windows 8 to adjust the border size for application windows.

Download and installation

You can download the trial Pro version directly from their website and use the full features for free for 30 days. You will be only running and using the free version once the trial period expires.

The installation process is easy and straightforward. No tricks with options to load the crapyware during the installation.


With DisplayFusion, you have many options to tweak your wallpaper settings on your multi-monitor setup. You can choose different images for your different monitors, which is very handy when you have different sizes of monitors in your setup. You can use one single image to span across multiple monitors. You can also have 7 resizing options to manipulate your images. What’s more convenient is that you can find and load different images from different sources online without actually going to their website. All of these things you can do and manage through its Desktop Wallpaper window, which you can launch through the right-click context menu on desktop.

DisplayFusion wallpaper thumb - Manage A Multi-Monitor Easily on Windows with DisplayFusion


DisplayFusion adds an addition control button on any application’s Title bar that makes you move the window across monitors much easier. You can assign the hotkey to the titlebar so once you press that DisplayFusion will automatically move the window to the same location on the next window in the line, which could be handy.

DisplayFusion titlebar thumb - Manage A Multi-Monitor Easily on Windows with DisplayFusion

You can also control many of DisplayFusion features and functions by right clicking on the same Titlebar.

DisplayFusion titlebar right click menu thumb - Manage A Multi-Monitor Easily on Windows with DisplayFusion


We’ve only touched a few features in DisplayFusion. There are actually a lot more features you can benefit from, even though only in the free stripped down version. If you cough up $25 more, you will be getting a lot more, including the multi-taskbar feature on all monitors you have connected on your system.

Overall, it’s a powerful tool that you definitely to check out in order to get a lot more out of your already awesome multi-monitor setup. It also could be a good additional resource to Windows 8, which already has a very nice dual-monitor setup in place.

DisplayFusion works with all popular Windows system, from XP all the way to Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit editions are supported.



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