Maximize Microsoft Edge Browser On Xbox One

Xbox One recently received a new facelift, if you got a new Xbox during the holiday season there are a few settings you can tweak to enrich the Xbox One experience. Announced by Microsoft in the summer of 2015, Xbox One are going to be run at its core a Windows 10 system. This means that the default browser that comes with Windows 10, Microsoft Edge browser, will also ship in the latest Xbox One after the November update.

Microsoft Edge browser replaces previous Internet Explorer on the Xbox One. This is the best and the only browser you get from Xbox One. If you are going to use this app/feature often on the Xbox One, make sure you tweak the following settings to ensure the maximize utilities of your big TV’s screen size.

First launch Edge browser, go to settings by pressing the App Menu button (three horizontal line, on the left of the X button). Make sure “Use my whole TV screen to show web content” is checked, by default this is unchecked.


Below is a comparison before and after toggling this setting.2015-12-27_2357

Below is how it looks like after the settings are turned on. Notice the black chrome around the web page disappeared.


There you have it, if you find the odd look why there are black strokes/chromes around the web page when you browsing with Microsoft Edge browser on Xbox One, this is the reason.

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Last updated: 12/29/2015

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