Maxthon SkyFile Offers 6G Free Online Storage


SkyFile ScreenShot #1

Does Maxthon sound familiar to you? If not, Maxthon is a web browser provider that offers a pretty decent fast browser called Maxthon browser currently at version 3. Now that you know what Maxthon is good at, are you surprised that they are also offering an cloud sync solution called SkyFile that offers 6G of online storage space for free? Well, I am surprised but certainly don’t mind having another extra 6G of space there for me to store my data. And I don’t think you should mind either.

It’s a bit tricky to get started.

First, you need to register an account with Maxthon with one of your many email address.

Then, head over to this page, and download the client for Windows.

Then, install the client on your windows system before heading over to the web port of SkyFile.

It’s tricky because you won’t be able to use the web port of SkyFile if you don’t have the client installed. And you won’t get the right client installation file from the big nice Free Download button that shows up on the website.

The desktop client is fairly easy and straightforward, works the same way as others like Dropbox, and SkyDrive. You drop the files to the folder assigned to the SkyFile, and the files get sync’d to the SkyFile cloud automatically. Like many others, you can select folders to be sync’d through the desktop client. The default folder and basic network settings can be set through the preference, which you can launch by right clicking the SkyFile icon from the system tray.

SkyFile ScreenShot #3

The sharing option can only be down through the web portal with an option that no others have offered. You can limit the time when sharing a file to others, like you can share a file for a day or two and after that the sharing will automatically be turned off. It should be quite useful.

SkyFile screenshot #2

SkyFile is currently only offering a client for Windows, Android, and jailbroken iOS devices. It’s quite vital to a cloud service like this compatible on a wide range of devices. So I believe if Maxthon wants to stay in the cloud business they should work to get more support on other platforms too. But still, even as of now, I am happy to have another 6G of space added into my Windows system.



  1. This is a great post.  I have used Maxthon for years and did not know about the new SkyFile, but I quickly took advantage of the offer after reading this. Thanks!


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