Meet The New IE 11–Important Things, You, as a User Must Know


Microsoft released preview IE 11 for Windows 7 last week. Apart from the improvements over the JavaScript engine and render speeds that you get from every new release of browsers. There are some core important things you might want to pay attention to.


Different Ways To Try out IE 11

Like any previous release of IE, the preview will take over the existing IE if you choose to install it, but this can be undo if you choose to go back to the previous version you had earlier. If you are running Windows 7 you can download the IE 11 preview here, if you want to try out the IE independently from the current versions you are running Microsoft also updated their free Virtual Machine page to include all possible VMs configurations with the new addition of IE 11 running on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. This is a fantastic resource as you don’t need to spend any time to setup a brand new VM and configure different versions of IE. All the VMs from are free and pre-configured.

Brand New F12 Developer Tools

As a developer, I couldn’t be more happy to see Microsoft finally put some resource to update their dated developer tools for IE. In IE 11 this new developer tools comes with a fresh new look, a very welcome change over the old existing developer tools. The look is not the important features, it’s the usability and some additional features included in this new release is.


One welcome change is the fact you can finally get code auto complete from the console of the developer tool. You can do inspections of the variable inside the console, even though this is still no where close in terms of feature compare to Chrome but Microsoft has a step in the right direction, the new developer tools is a serious improvement. The new developer tools also comes with a new DOM inspector, it’s easier to interpreting the markup and styles and you can finally do markup and CSS changes on the fly to see live changes.

Microsoft also added a profiling and UI responsiveness tool to help debugging some rich web apps. For more details of this check out this blog post from IE blog.


The new Developer tool will at least make life a little easier to debug issues that specific to IE only, make IE a lesser pain to develop in. But until the mainstream adapt this new release of IE 11, we will still facing the pain and out dated IE.



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