Memory Cleaner for Windows


Windows manages the memory usage quite efficiently without any user intervene but there might still be some room left to improve. And that’s why a lot of System Tuning Utilities out there are still making options to clean up the RAM to make your PC run a bit more efficiently. We’ve covered some tools here and here that optimize the memory usage to improve the performance before. Well, here is another that may worth checking.

Memory Cleaner - Memory Cleaner for Windows

Memory Cleaner, developed by the same guy who made the DiskMax, is a system utility that uses the functions built into Windows to judiciously free memory with no performance impact.

There are two tasks built into the tool that does the memory clean-up, Trim Processes’ Working Set and Clear System Cache.

The Processes’ Working Sets are the memory used by the currently running applications and processes. One Working Set is a collection of those pages in its virtual address space that have been recently referenced. As the working set size increases, memory demand increases. Trimming these Processes’ Working Sets helps.

Both cleaning processes are silent and the only alert you will see is the amount of RAM recovered briefly displayed in the Window.

Memory Cleaner memory reduced - Memory Cleaner for Windows

If you have the Task Manager open, you will also see the memory usage dropping the same time after you clean up the memory using the tool.

Task Manager 2017 11 13 21 34 31 - Memory Cleaner for Windows

You can also set the options to trim or clear the system cache automatically when the RAM usage on your computer is reaching to certain points. For example, trim processes’ working set or clear system cache when usage exceeds 80% or do so every 5 minutes, whichever way you see it fit.

Memory Cleaner options - Memory Cleaner for Windows



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