Metro7 Brings Metro to Windows 7 To Make it Look Like Windows 8


image Windows 8 with Metro UI is still on its way but if you wish to use and enjoy the beautiful Metro while still using Windows 7 here is a very nice one to try out. Metro7 is a free app that turns your Windows 7 system into a Metro version of Windows 8. It’s 100% free and it’s super easy to use. Simply download it and run it when needed. It’s simple as that. The tool was written in Microsoft .Net framework 4.0 so it’s need to be installed to be able to use the tool. Also, make sure not select any of the bundle app during the installation process. Or some weird toolbar may occur in your web browser. Other than that, it’s set and go. And enjoy. Here is the main Metro screen. image Metro7 Store, equivalent to Windows store? image General setting screen. image Impressed? It makes more sense if you run Windows 7 on a device that has touch screen on it. To me, Metro 7 seems to be enhancement tool for Windows 7 to improve its touch experience.



  1. This is a complete de-evolution of the OS. Sure, use this crap for a touch device, but damn Microsoft – I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying… Win8 better have a GOOD UI – Restoring capabilities we had in XP that you took away with WIN7, or it’s dead in the water.

    • hey !!
      It’s good,it’s new,,
      It’s a new idea with this type of GUI interface
      it could leave the apple project Macintosh OS far behind,,,,…..

  2. Looking forward to trying this on my X220T tonight. Omnimo looks worth a try as well.

    I never considered a convertible laptop before, until I had made up my mind on the regular X220 (non-tablet version) anyway. I figured, what the hell, I’ll get the tablet version of it for bit more because the biggest touch screen I have is my Droid X, and everyone else seems to love their Fire/iPad/Playbook/etc.

    I’m sold.

    Convertible laptop/tablets are fantastic for meeting the needs of work, play, convenience, battery life, and portability.

    I’m ready for it, baby. As soon as Lenovo releases a couple more drivers for it, I’m on board the 8 train.


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