MetroTwit for Windows 8 Released for Preview


MetroTwit Windows 8 #1

MetroTwit is a wonderful Twitter Client for Windows that’s designed with metro UI in mind. Its desktop version looks clean and elegant and works just awesome. Now, after a lot of hard work put in with the new design and new codes in WinRT, it releases its first preview version to public today and if you are trying out Windows 8 Consumer Preview at the moment, you should give MetroTwit a run and be prepared to be blown away.

To install on your Windows 8, you can either search MetroTwit in Windows Store or directly access this link in Internet Explorer in Windows 8, which takes you directly to the MetroTwit product page in Windows Store. I had trouble locating it through the search but had no problem using the link.

Once it’s loaded and launched, the first thing you need to do is to link your Twitter account with the App, which is painlessly easy, as long as you remember your password to Twitter.

Despite it’s jus the first preview version released, it’s already so feature rich and works almost flawlessly with the touch experience that totally blows most of the Twitter Metro Apps currently available miles away. Here we are sharing some of the screenshots below but, really, you should give it try yourself if you have a Windows 8 machine handy.

MetroTwit Windows 8 #2 MetroTwit Windows 8 #3

metroTwit Windows 8 #4 MetroTwit Windows 8 #5

MetroTwit Windows 8 #6 MetroTwit Windows 8 #7



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