Microsoft Edge Extension is Now Available via Windows Store


If your Windows 10 is running on the latest Anniversary Update, which was available on August 2nd, then your Microsoft Edge browser is now more powerful. One of the biggest drawbacks that prevented most power users to adopt Edge is the lack of third party extensions. With this major update, Microsoft has addressed this concern and opened the door for developers to integrate their apps natively with Edge.

How To Install Edge Extension

To install an extension in Microsoft Edge, just launch Edge and go to the settings menu > Extension.


This will bring you to this landing page on Windows Store. Yes, Microsoft has decided to distribute Edge extension via Windows Store. This also means that you have to have a Microsoft Account to install and run any Edge extensions. If you are signed in Windows 10 as a local user account that is not associated with a Microsoft Account, you will not be able to install extensions for Microsoft Edge.


Currently, the Edge extensions selection are very limited comparing to Chrome’s extension. But in time, there will be more! So let’s try to install an extension to find out how everything works with Store and Edge. We are going to pick a first party extension that might also have some use for us, OneNote Web Clipper.


Click the Install button and it will start download this extension inside the Store app.


From the Downloads and updates, you get to see its progress. Once installed, you will see a new notification in Edge asking if you want to start using the extensions or not.


Similar to Chrome’s extension, Edge lists all the permission required from the extension. Acknowledge the notice by clicking “Turn it on” button.


Now your OneNote Web Clipper is now fully operational.

That’s how you can add third party extensions to Microsoft Edge. If there is an extension that you can’t live without, perhaps it’s time to start to submit the feature request to the product. Now since Microsoft has opened the door, it’s up to the developers now to make all sorts of extensions to make Edge a better browser.


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