Microsoft Hardware Announced New Keyboards and Mice Designed for Windows 8


To get ready for the official release of Windows 8 which has been set on October 26, Microsoft Hardware announced a series of physical keyboards and mice specifically designed for upcoming Windows 8 and its tablet.

Wedge Mobile Keyboard

Designed specifically for Windows 8 Tablet, it’s a full-size keyboard with a lightweight design that makes it super easy to carry around. It connects to any devices equipped with Bluetooth, maybe even work with my iPhone. It also features a series Windows 8 specific hot-keys that easily bring up Charms, Search, Share, Device and Settings. Heck, this minimalist designed keyboard even has the media keys for volume and playback control.

The cover that clamps on to the keyboard does not only protect the keyboard from getting scratched but also has another purpose of being used as a tablet stand.

Windows 8 Wedge Mobile KeyboardWindows 8 Wedge Mobile Keyboard #3Windows 8 Wedge Mobile Keyboard #2Windows 8 Wedge Mobile Keyboard #4

The Wedge Touch Keyboard has the retail price tag at around US$79.95.

Wedge Touch Mouse

It’s very, very tiny, has no problem at all fitting in your pocket. It connects to the device via Bluetooth, features BlueTrack technology so it works virtually on any surface, including the sheet on your bed.

The Wedge Touch Mouse also has four-way touch scrolling. To save battery life, it will power down and go into sleep along with the PC or device it’s paired to.

Windows 8 Wedge Mobile Mice #1Windows 8 Wedge Mobile Mice #2

The Wedge Touch Mouse has a retail price tag at around US$69.96.

Sculpt Touch Keyboard

It’s a full-sized keyboard with Microsoft’s comfort Curve design and Bluetooth connectivity. It’s designed perfectly for on-the-go computing with high-quality construction built.

The Sculpt Touch Keyboard aims a retail price tag at around US$49.95.

Windows 8 Sculpt Touch Keyboard

Sculpt Touch Mouse

It also connects to any devices via a Bluetooth connection. Like Wedge Touch Mouse, it has 4-way touch scroll strip that lets you swipe up and down, left and right through apps and the Start Screen in Windows 8.

The Sculpt Touch Mouse has a retail price tag at around US$49.95.

Windows 8 Sculpt Touch Mouse

Touch Mouse

This is an updated version that has updated gesture settings for Windows 8.

  • A one finger swipe will allow you to move side to side or up and down, shifting content on your screen.
  • Two finger movements manage apps, allowing users to display Windows 8 charms, switch through open apps and show app commands.
  • Three finger movements will let you zoom in and out.
  • Thumb gestures navigate backward and forward through apps.

The new Touch Mouse is actually available now for a price at US$79.95.

Windows 8 Touch Mouse

Wow…they actually all look very nice. It’s getting more exciting seeing the RTM of Windows 8 next month. It better be more than nice.



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