Microsoft Launched A Install, Reinstall, Uninstall Help Site to Help Your Windows Installation


Microsoft UK just recently launched a help site that only focuses on Windows installation for XP, Vista, and Windows 7. It’s actually not only does it help for installation and reinstallation, but also upgrade and uninstall as well.


It’s interesting that Uninstall is listed as an option. So let’s take particular look at Windows 7 category. It links to two documents, as follow

Can I uninstall Windows 7? The short answer is:

You can’t uninstall Windows 7, but you can reinstall your previous operating system if you have the original installation disc.

Uninstall Windows 7 on a multiboot system. And the quick answer is:

If you are running a multiboot system with Windows 7 installed on a computer that is also running an earlier version of Windows, such as Windows Vista, you might be able to safely remove Windows 7 from the computer, depending on how the computer is set up.

So next time if you have or you were asked to help windows installation problems, you might just go and check this site out.



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