Microsoft launches .future a New Branded Podcast


Microsoft is known to be late to the trend, they have missed the mobile boat completely. With Satya Nadella taking over, it bows to not being technically lagging behind to its competitors. While Podcast is nothing technical, it’s still a wild west arena where new shows are coming every week. Microsoft just launched its first branded podcast show partnering with Gimlet Creative, called .future (dot future). The branded podcast means there are going to be Microsoft products that will appear on the show or have an empathize on Microsoft’s product over others. That’s another way of stating the obvious – biased view.

2017 07 10 1743 600x544 - Microsoft launches .future a New Branded Podcast

Nonetheless, the show appears to have decent story telling. Maybe it’s not a perfect one for technical savvy folks to listen but it’s definitely interesting in learning how the technologies we use every single day could have a different impact on each other’s life. If you are a Microsoft enthusiast or just wish to learn more about technology in general, this is a great show that can give your morning commute a smooth ride.

If you are new to Podcast, try it out. If this type of storytelling isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty more other podcast shows out there waiting for you to explore.


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