Microsoft Safety Scanner is A Portable Free Virus Scanning Program


Microsoft recently just released a free virus scanner, Microsoft Safety Scanner, as an addition tool to its wonderful Microsoft Security Essentials to help those computers that unfortunately got infected by the bad viruses.

Microsoft Safety Scanner is a free downloadable security tool that only comes as one simple executable file including scanning processor as well as all the virus signature files. It is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit edition but note that the scanner only valid for 10 days. After that you will have to re-download the executable file if you want to use it again.

Because it only comes as one single executable file it makes people to use it super easily. Simply double click the executable msert.exe and you are good to go.


Microsoft Safety Scanner offers three type of scan for you to choose:

  • Quick scan, which scans areas of the system most likely to contain malwares;
  • Full scan, which just like it says, scan your whole system;
  • Customized scan, which scans the contents of a specified folder.

Simply choose one of them, and click on Next…


This new security scanning tool may come very handy but since it’s only good for 10 days it’s not suitable adding it to your toolbox. It’s also not convenient that when you need it the most but only found it’s expired.

It also should be noted that Microsoft Safety Scanner is not a replacement to a standard antivirus program that provides what this tool doesn’t have, the real-time on going protection.




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