Microsoft Stream – A Video Streaming Service for Your Organization


Do you know if Microsoft has a video stream service that works like YouTube? The answer is yes and no. Microsoft Stream is a video service that lets you upload and share videos. But unlike YouTube, it’s designed only for organizations of any size.


To get started with Microsoft Stream, you need to sign up an account using your work or school email account. Personal email addresses like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo mail will not be accepted.


Once you have an account set up and signed in, you can start uploading your first video onto Microsoft Stream by clicking the Upload a video link under Create menu. And then you can either drop the video files on the web page or use the select files link.


On the next page, you can type a name and description of the video file and control who can find, view, or share your content with privacy settings. The video can also be organized into channels dedicated to a specific topic. There could be a channel for product team or training videos. Channels are designed for users to follow, so you can always go to the videos that are important to you. Or, choose to see a list of all popular channels in your organization.


Once the video was uploaded and published, you can get the Url for the video and share it with other employees in your organization. There is no option to embed the video into the website or corporate intranet.


Microsoft Stream is currently still in Preview and available for free at the moment. If you are looking for a secure and private video sharing service only for inside your organization, you may give Microsoft Stream a try. Videos published on Microsoft Stream are viewable from anywhere on any devices but only within the organization.



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