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If you haven’t known, Microsoft actually has its own To-Do app just called Microsoft To-Do and it’s a full featured and very competent app, comparing to others in the market. Microsoft didn’t take the shortcut by leveraging its Wunderlist acquisition. Instead, Microsoft To-Do app is a brand new task management app that eventually will be part of Windows 10 out of the box.

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Basic features

For starters, Microsoft To-Do supports multiple to-do lists. You can create multiple lists for your different type of tasks, such as Grocery for grocery shopping, Shopping for general shopping idea, etc. Each list contains a bunch of related tasks. If a task doesn’t belong to any list, it will be placed under Tasks automatically.

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Then, each task can be marked as Important (the star checkbox) and then will be displayed under Important list automatically.

And if you put a due day on a task, this task becomes an Planned task automatically and will be shown up in Planned tab. If it’s due today, well, it will be in your My Day list.

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Advanced features

You can add a sub-todo list for each task as well as a notes section for you to quickly jog down a few lines of notes for future reference. Heck, you can even attach a file if you like.

You can also set up the Reminder for the task or turn it to a repeated task if needed.

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On top of that, you can share each To-Do list to other parties by simply through an invitation link.

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Even better, if you are already into Cortana, Microsoft To-Do is now integrated with Cortana and you can add, update, and check your list back and forth between two apps. It works beautifully.

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I considered these features advanced because they are usually only available in paid versions from many todo apps.

Support platform

Other than Windows 10, you can also install Microsoft App for both iOS and Android devices. And obviously, there is a web version of Microsoft To-Do that you can run right on any browsers.


Overall, I really like what I see in Microsoft To-Do app. I am a heavy Asana user but slowly, I am starting to use Microsoft To-Do app for some of my tasks. There are areas that can be improved down the road but it’s definitely in the right direction.

If you are an Office 365 subscriber, you can benefit even more because the To-Do app can be seamlessly integrated with Outlook, Cortana.


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