Microsoft Windows 10 Will Be Free Upgrade For All Customer Running Windows 7 and Above



Today is another historical day in the making. At Microsoft’s Windows 10 event, Microsoft announced that the upcoming Windows 10 would be free to upgrade for all existing Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 users. Free upgrade for the first year, means that Windows 10 is free for anyone who chooses to upgrade their device (if supported) within the first year of Windows 10 official release. As you might know, Microsoft announced the Windows 10 Technical Preview late last September. The road mapped all points towards an official public release of Windows 10 later this year. There isn’t an official announcement on the actual date of Windows 10 shipment. The general consensus is expecting October this year, just like its predecessor.

This is huge as it marks the beginning of free Windows Operating System for the general consumers. However, we do see this coming; Microsoft is already making its Windows 8.1 available for free for OEM who are manufacturing small form factor Windows 8.1 tablets. Windows 8.1 with Bing is truly the first free OS from Microsoft.

What does today’s announcement mean to you ?

Today’s announcement will have an enormous impact for all long time PC users. It means your desktop would be able to run the latest software while keeping the existing hardware. It would extend the overall life span of your PC. For all current Windows Phone users out there, it means you are getting an even richer Windows eco-system. Microsoft also takes this chance to drop the Windows Phone brand. Instead, your existing Windows Phone will be able to run Windows 10 period, a mobile optimized version of Windows 10 which shares many core as a full-blown desktop version of Windows 10. More details will surface as we approach to the actual release. Microsoft has stated that not all hardware will be supported for the free upgrade, so stay tuned for more news on this regard.

For a detailed announcement and many other new exciting features of Windows 10, head over to the official blog post here.



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