Microsoft's Cloud Service Plan for Windows 8 and Windows Phone


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We are sadly seeing the brand of Windows Live gone but having a new brand called Account that migrates two old brand name Windows Live ID and Passport seem to make sense and fit well for the up coming cloud focused Windows 8.

Along with the emerge of Microsoft Account, Microsoft also announced a number of changes and laid out their cloud service plan for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone, but mostly for the future as well.

And here is the break down of the cloud service in the new world of Windows 8:

ServiceWindows 8Windows PhoneWeb/HTML 5 ( (dev.
Earlier Versions
Account Microsoft account Microsoft account OAUTH Windows Live ID, Passport
SkyDrive app, SkyDrive Desktop SkyDrive app, Office app REST, JSON FolderShare, Live Mesh, Windows Live Mesh
Email Mail app Mail app EAS Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express
Calendar Calendar app Calendar app EAS, REST Windows Live Mail, Windows Calendar
Contacts People app People app EAS, REST Windows Contacts
Messaging Messaging app Messaging app Integrated in Hotmail and SkyDrive XMPP MSN Messenger
Photos/ Videos Photos app, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker Photos app, Camera Roll REST, JSON (via SkyDrive) Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Movie Maker

As you can see, Microsoft Account is the only thing changed but it’s also the most significant change as well. It’s Microsoft’s identity service for individuals who use Microsoft products and services. For example, you can use your Microsoft account to sign in to your Windows 8 PC, and then use the same account to check your billing for services like Xbox LIVE, Zune, and the Windows 8 app store. You can sign up a Microsoft Account with any email address but with an additional verification information including your mobile phone to add another level of security.

One of the tool I use on daily basis to keep this website active is the Windows Live Writer but since it wasn’t mentioned in the plan the fate of this awesome blogging tool is uncertain. Hopefully, it’s rather overlooked in the table above than being dropped.

[via Building Windows 8]



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