Microsoft’s OneDrive Is Here – A Rebranded Version of SkyDrive Cloud Storage and More


A while ago Microsoft has hinted that they are going to rebrand SkyDrive to OneDrive. The reason behind all this? Copyright dispute. That’s right. It’s not the first time Microsoft needed to rebrand one of its major products due to copyrights. Still remember that Metro term back when Windows 8 was first introduced? The term Metro UI was all over the official blog, only it has to be changed to be called Windows 8 Modern UI due to copyright claim. Sometimes it’s just so damn confusing to name the same thing with different names, and it definitely takes time for people to adapt to the new terminology, most of the time with the same thing. But in this case, I think Microsoft has an advantage in rebranding its cloud service. Made more awareness for others who were born to love their Dropbox etc.

A key new feature brought along with the rebranding is the new referral program. Just like Dropbox, Microsoft has added referral links that you can generate and send to your friends to sign up. Each successful referral can earn you an extra 500MB of cloud storage, up to 5GB total.

How To Generate OneDrive Referral Link

All you need to do is to sign-in OneDrive with your Microsoft account. At the home page there are getting started steps. Jump to step 3, you will see the link “Invite friends now”. Clicking this link will generate a URL you can share with your friend, and if they sign up using this URL you will gain 500MB in return. All the bonus storage you gained over referral are permanent.


If for some reason you don’t see the Getting Started section at home page of OneDrive, you can navigate to the bottom left of your screen, click “Get more storage”


This will bring you to the page where you can manage your OneDrive’s storage space. Click “Get free storage” under Referral bonus to generate the URL.



Worldwide Cross Platform Rollout

Effective immediately OneDrive is available to Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and anymore. This rebrand seems to be one of the most successful executed rebrand in Microsoft’s recent history. The new name OneDrive is clear of what it does, and the color will remind you it was just the same SkyDrive but with a different name. The rollout is worldwide and cross platform, if you think Dropbox is everywhere, OneDrive can be reached just as many platforms as Dropbox can, and more! It has exclusive integration with Xbox One, something Microsoft will not likely allow Dropbox to be a part of it at anytime.

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If you’re a fan of cloud computing and appreciate its benefits and convenience that have bought to your daily life, then you should definitely start using OneDrive and spread the words!

Source via Official OneDrive Blog



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