MiniBin to Put the Recycle Bin into Windows System Tray


MiniBin is a free small utility that puts the Windows recycle bin to the system tray area for easy access. If going back all the way to the desktop to just clean up the recycle bin has bothered you this tool works perfectly for you.

If you are running this on Windows 7 machine, the bin will be automatically put in the system tray hiding in the notification area, once the program is installed and launched.


If you want it to be shown in the system tray all the time along with the clock and other icons, go to Taskbar and Start Menu properties (right click the empty space in taskbar and choose Properties), click Customize… button under Taskbar tab, and change “The free recycle bin..” dropdown to show icon and notification. Once you click ok, the recycle bin will show up like below.


There are also many themes to pick from Configuration page to have different type of icons to represent the look of the recycle bin. For example you can pick Mushroom to represent to have different color indicating how full the bin is.


The fill-level is determined by the option Maximum fill-level in Megabytes but changing the value here will NOT affect the real recycle bin. So don’t get confused here.

To empty the recycle bin directly from the tray, you can either right click the icon and choose Empty. Or, simply double-left-click the bin if the option is checked.


MiniBin runs on Windows 2000 up to Windows 8, and only depends on 4 Windows native libraries, “kernel32.dll”, “user32.dll”, “shell32.dll” and “wsock32.dll”.



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