Mishra Reader is A Google Reader Windows Client with Metro Design


Mishra Reader is a free Windows Google Reader client developed in .Net MFC. Inspired by Microsoft’s Metro design philosophy, it focuses on bringing you an UI that is clear, aesthetic, and ergonomic with smooth and fluid animations for reading your RSS feeds on your Windows PC or Tablet.


Installation and setup are pretty straightforward. Since the tool is written in WPF, you will need Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 installed beforehand. Once installed, go to Settings page to hook your Google account with the tool.

The reading panel is divided into 2-column, unread/starred items listed at left and reading the individual post at the right. Each individual post has 5 operation options at the top below the post title, Mark as Read, Star, Share, Bookmark, and Open.

It also comes with 8 different color themes with blue by default. You can change that from Settings and Display page.


Mishra Reader also lets you share the posts you like onto the social networks, or bookmarks them into the Bookmarking sites like OneNote. You will need to configure these services first before you can use them. It looks like at the version I was testing,only Facebook and Twitter are supported at the time.


Mirshra Reader is a Free Open Source project that aims to bring a fine reading experience with the nice Metro design. If you like how MetroTwit manages your tweets from your desktop, you will like how Mishra Reader arranges your feeds from the same place as well.



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