Monitoring Open TCP Connections on Your System with TcpLogView


TcpLogView, by NirSoft, is a small portable free network utility that monitors your open  network connections from all network adapters you have on your system in real time. It adds a new log line in the tool automatically every time when it detects a TCP connection open or close, with detailed information like: Event Time, Event Type (Open, Close, Listen), Local Address, Remote Address, Remote Host Name, Local Port, Remote Port, Process ID, Process Name, etc.

It works on any version of Windows, from 2000 all the way up to Windows 8. It provides a separate download package for those 64-bit of Windows systems. It’s completely free, and can be downloaded directly from its product page.

To start the problem, extract the executable file TcpLogView.exe on to your local computer, and double click to launch it. Once it’s running, it monitors all your network connections in real time and logs everything that’s happening in and out of all your network adapters you have installed and enabled on your system.

TcpLogView - main screen

All information are displayed in the log view but you can double click each log line to view them in detail.

TcpLogView - detail screen

You can also see the country information of the remote location by downloading a Geo-IP info file from the following website and saving it in the same location where TcpLogView.exe saves.

You will need to restart the program in order to have the country info show up.

TcpLogView - country info

Like all other NirSoft developed tools, TcpLogView is portable and can be launched as a single command line as well. You can also display and save the result in HTML format for future use.



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