Monitoring Your Windows 7 Resources Right From the Taskbar



We have friends like Task Manager, Resource Monitor, or even more advanced Performance Monitor helping us to monitor what’s going on in our system. But isn’t it nice having a visualized meter showing the most important resources right on the fancy taskbar?

Taskbar Meter is one of the tools available out there that can help you do that. It’s an open source tool that includes three components to monitor the most import three resources on your computer, CPU, Memeory, and disk IO.

The tool doesn’t require any installation. Simply download it from the Codeplex website and extract them into your local computer. And double-click on them to launch it. If you really like them, you can put these tools right to your startup folder so they will be automatically launched during the login process.

The author also added Task Manager and Resource Monitor into its Jump List, so it’s a nice little addon for people easily opening them.

image image

SuperbarMonitor is another set of tools available that can do the same thing. The tool set consists of 5 separate independent tools that monitor:

  • Battery
  • CPU
  • Disk
  • Memory
  • Volume

I particularly like its Volume one. Not only does it shows the status of the volume level on my computer, but it also allow me to change it right inside the tool as well. And I can easily make it Autostart with the Windows.


SuperbarMonitor tools are also free of charge and don’t require any installation before using them. Simply download the tools separately from author’s website and enjoy them.



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