Mounting the ISO Image Files in Windows 7


Don’t get too excited when you just read the title. It’s still a feature that’s been missing in every version of Windows, including Windows 7. Hopefully, we will see it built right in as a neccessary feature in the future version.

Right now, you will still need a 3rd party tool to do that for you. There are actually tons out there but I am particularly happy with the Daemon Tools, the one I have been using for years and yes, it works with Windows 7 too. And it has the Lite version which is free and good enough if you only need it to mount the images, not creating them.

image11 - Mounting the ISO Image Files in Windows 7

You can download the tool from here, make sure you pick the Lite version one. When you first launch the setup file, you may get the following incompatible warning message, just ignore that and click Run program button because it will run fine, thanks to the awesome compatibility feature in Windows 7. And then you will be prompted to restart the computer before installing the tool.

image12 - Mounting the ISO Image Files in Windows 7

The actual installation process will start after you restart your Windows 7. Be careful about the setup options, make sure do not install anything extra other than the core program.

The tool will be launched automatically once it’s successfully installed. And you will be seeing another DVD-Rom driver showing up in your Windows Explorer. And when you want to mount the image file, right click the Damon icon from the system hidden tray, virtual CD/DVD Rom, device, and mount image.

image13 - Mounting the ISO Image Files in Windows 7

If you have your favorite image mounting tool that you think works better, feel free leave the comment here. Otherwise, enjoy.



  1. After years of ising Daemon tools, I got cheesed off (as did we all) by the bloatware tendencies of 4.x. The lite version doesn’t nehave all that well, so I found a replacement, the excellent (and of course free) virtual clone drive. Much easier to use, less impact on system, no spyware/bloatware at all. Better than DT ever was, OMHO.


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