Mouse Hunter Scrolls The Content Under the Mouse Cursor


One of the biggest annoying inconveniences in Windows is you can only scroll the content in an active window, regardless of where your mouse cursor is.

Mouse Hunter, a free Windows utility, turns this fact around in 180 degree. With the tool enabled, you can scroll the content around under the mouse cursor, regardless of whether they are in an active window or not.

And this is just cool, especially for those who use two or more monitors. Instead of moving your cursor and click a window to scroll the content, you can now do so without clicking a window to make it active first.

All it takes to make this happen is install Mouse Hunter, and check No Scroll is middle button option.

image thumb74 - Mouse Hunter Scrolls The Content Under the Mouse Cursor

Mouse Hunter works on almost application, with an icon hidden in System Tray where you can enable/disable the problem and change tool’s settings. By default, it only works in vertical direction but you can enable the horizontal scrolling with a keyboard combination in settings.

In my own test, it works great in all applications on my Windows 7 Pro 64-bit edition with an exception in Windows Explorer. Even though it’s claimed that it works on its web page I simply couldn’t get it to work.

Other than that, it’s definitely a tool that is going to worth your time trying. It makes my scrolling experience just so much better.




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