Mouse Right-Click to Attach and Detach VHD Image File in Windows 7 [Tool]


One of the nice things Microsoft puts in Windows 7 is the native support of VHD. You can create, attach, and detach a VHD image file either from Disk Management or through Diskpart dos command. However, either way you will need to take a few steps to do the job.

Now, with a small little tool called VHD Attach help, you can do that much easier and faster. The little tool adds two options, Attach and Detach to the file context menu. So when you want to mount or demount a VHD file, simply browse to the folder and mouse over a VHD file, right-click it. It’s just simply like that.


The tool also can be used to see various information about VHD, even without attaching it.

VHD Attach is currently on version 1.00 and works only with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. However, I got the following message when I tried to run it on my Windows 7 RC machine.




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