Monitors Your Mouse Movements And Emails You on Unauthorized Access


Here is a very interesting web application that you may want to give it a try, to scare the hell out of someone who tried to get access to your computer without asking your permission first. It could be a very good way to ask your kids stay away from your computer.

Go to this website called, sign in with your own Google Account to grand the app to use your Google account. But don’t worry, you don’t have to give your account’s username and password. It’s authenticated through OATH standard.

mouseclick - signin page

Once sign in, you are ready to rock the boat. You will need to select a single number as the unlock number on the screen first.

mouseclick - select a number

Then move your mouse to the circle shown in the center of the page, and click once.

mouseclick - click a mouse

Now, it’s all set. You can feel safe to leave your computer for a coffee.

mouseclick - you are secure now

The app will start monitoring the mouse movements. When it detects a move and whoever moved your mouse failed to put in the unlock code, it sends an email to your Gmail account notifying you that someone has accessed your computer maybe without your permission.

mouseclick - email

What’s amazing is that if your computer has a camera attached, the app will take a quick shot of the person who accessed your computer and email that shot to you.

What does need to improve is that it would be a lot better if the app can actually lock the computer physically once it detects the motion and invalid unlock code. Even though the app claims that it easily keeps secure your mouse when you are away, I found from my test it doesn’t lock anything.

But just like I said, it could be a fun prank. Give it a try to have a good laugh.



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