MS Word Quick Tip: How To Paste Plain Text Copied from Other Program


To make a nice Word document, you will need to keep the styles you use consistently across entire document. But often time, pasting in text copied from other program can easily ruin the whole formatting in the document.

It would nice that the text I copied can be pasted in the document in plain text without any formatting by default. I always use a tiny little free tool called PureText to accomplish this but there is a little setting that you can set in Word that lets you paste content in plain text by default as well.

In Word, click File → Options, go to Advanced Option on the left, and locate the section on the right called Copy, Paste, Cut. Then click the setting called Pasting from other programs, and select option Keep Text Only.

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Click OK to save the change. Now, when you select and copy a bunch of text from browser you can paste them in Word in plain text by default without formatting attached to them.

If needed, you can also set up the same option for Pasting within the same document or Pasting between documents in Word so that you can keep your document’s style consistent at all time.

The setting works in Word from 2007 and up.


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