The Best Music Lyrics Player on Windows Phone and Windows 8 Tablets


I was looking for a lyrics app on my iPhone the other day and found one that is so cool that it not only plays lyrics like a Karaoke machine but also works like Shazam, identifying a song while you listen to it. I couldn’t wait any longer and went to Windows Store to see if it’s available there too. Sure enough, it’s also available on both Windows Store and Windows Phone Marketplace, and are both voted by hundreds of users with a very high score.


MusiXMatch, both available on Windows Phone and Windows 10, is not only a song lyrics app that just displays the lyrics for a song you selected. It’s also a fully integrated music player, song tracker, and powerful lyrics search machine. You can literally use it like a Karaoke machine, listening and singing along with it, if you are really motivated.

With over 6 million officially licensed lyrics localized in 18 languages, it’s simply one of the best lyrics apps out there. Well, I’ve put it as a top one that every music enthusiasts should have installed on their media player.

Take look at these screenshot gallery to get a taste of what it looks like on both Windows Phone and Windows 8 tablet. And enjoy the power of both music and words that bring to us.




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