My Startup Delayer To Improve Your Windows Loading Time


My Startup Delayer is a free portable tool that helps to reduce the windows loading time by delaying the programs from starting up during the loading process. The boot time in Windows 7 to login is reasonably good but the time spent on loading up profile to have the desktop ready is still quite significantly long. Mostly that’s due to the fact that there are a lot of programs, either Windows services or the programs listed in startup, that all require your computer power’s attention to be loaded. So theoretically, delaying some of the programs that aren’t that important to be loaded and be ready at once after logging in. And that’s the idea that My Startup Delayer is trying to accomplish.

It’s a portable tool that doesn’t require an installation process. Load it up and select which programs you want to delay in seconds of your choice. Save it and done. Couldn’t be any easier. Note that you may have to Run it As administrator in order to let the tool to read the registry properly.


The author of the tool did a test that compares the boot time difference with/without the tool on two computers. It seems to be working. Since I didn’t do the similar test extensively, I will leave that to you to judge the difference. But the theory seems to make sense to me.


My Startup Delayer works in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 both 32bit and 64bit editions. It also require .Net framework 2.0 to be installed, since it’s written in .Net.

It’s Free, but should be donationware more specifically, meaning that if you like it and found it help you a lot, please considering making a small tip right from the tool using Donate and register button.



  1. First off, great website! I’ve been using a program called soluto for a while now that does exactly what the above program does, as well as track app crashes and giving me an ETA until ready at boot up.

    • Thanks, Eric. Yes soluto, does similar tasks. But this is a much light weight than soluto itself.

      Programs like those too use a lot resources.


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