Need A Complete Specification and System Info About Your PC? Try System Spec


System Spec is a small free portable system utility that thoroughly inventories your PC for a complete specification and system info about your PC, including hardware, software, and settings.


Once you get the info, you can click on one of the icons on the toolbar to get more detailed info. After I checked a few, I have to admit that the information this tool collects is quite rich. For example, clicking on network adaptor icon provides me a detail information about my network settings. Not only does it show that I have the admin privilege, but also displays my user SSID as well.


The summery of spec info can be saved in CSV or HTML format, or be printed directly.

The tool also has integrated many windows functions directly in it to provide users an easy way to access without leaving the program.

Based on the detail information this tool collects, System Spec can be quite useful sometime.




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