NetBalancer To Control and Monitor Your Internet Traffic


When it comes to prioritizing your network to have more balanced internet activities, you are out of luck doing so without a help from something that’s not built-in Windows. Here, let me introduce you a cool network tool that fills that gap quite nicely.

NetBalancer is an internet traffic control and monitoring tool designed specifically for Windows systems, compatible from XP all the way to Windows 8, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions are supported. You can balance your internet activities based on the priorities set on each running application using this tool. The applications with higher priority gains more traffic bandwidth than those with a  lower number. The tool comes with 6 priority levels, from limit, ignore, block, to low, normal, and high, in each download and upload category. And you can manage them for each network adapter separately.

NetBalancer priority levels 600x302 - NetBalancer To Control and Monitor Your Internet Traffic

You can also customize rules in this tool to better manage your traffic, not only in real-time but also based on schedule as well. You can define detailed multiple network traffic rules to allow them coordinate each other the same time.

NetBalancer traffic rules 600x419 - NetBalancer To Control and Monitor Your Internet Traffic

NetBalancer also comes a tray tool that displays the network traffic in real-time right at the bottom system tray. It gives you not only a quick glance of the upload/download speed but also the top apps that utilize your network at the moment.

NetBalancer system tray - NetBalancer To Control and Monitor Your Internet Traffic

NetBalancer Pro version costs $25.95 but it also comes with a free version with limited not on feature but on number of rules and processes. In a free version, you can only have up to 3 priorities and 3 rules running at a same time. That actually gives the free version a very strong position being truly used as a tool that people are willing to keep.


  1. Tried this out and liked the features but, it slowed down my entire system. I’m not running on a slouch either. It’s based on an SR-2 with dual quad core zeons, SLI 570’s and a ton of RAM.


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