NetCrunch Tools 2.0 – Essential Network Toolkit for Windows


NetCrunch Network Tools is a free network toolkit with a set of essential network tools designed for network administrators, webmasters and savvy users who are interested in the computer network. The tool runs on Windows system but covers a much wider range of network in general.

The toolkit is completely free with only one requirement to register an account with Adrem Software, the vendor behind NetCrunch Tools, either through one of three 3rd-party authentication services or create an account with AdRem Software directly.

NetCrunch registration options - NetCrunch Tools 2.0 - Essential Network Toolkit for Windows

The tools are categorized into three separate groups, Basic IP Tools, Subnet Tools, and Scanners. All tools are listed on the left pane while the actually work is done on the right.

NetCrunch Network Tools 600x492 - NetCrunch Tools 2.0 - Essential Network Toolkit for Windows

Basic IP Tools

There are five tools included in the Basic IP Tools group,

  • Ping – test the reachability of a host on an IP network and measure the round-trip time for messages sent to a destination computer.
  • Traceroute – display the route and measure transit delays of packets across an IP network.
  • Wake on LAN
  • DNS Info – query DNS and get full information about given domain or address from the nearest DNS server.
  • Who Is – request information about given domain from the appropriate WHOIS server.

Subnet Tools

Three tools are listed in this group.

  • DNS Audit – identify DNS setting errors by scanning a range of IP addresses and performing reverse DNS lookup for each address.
  • MAC Resolver – scan given address range and then displays a list of MAC addresses for each address.
  • Subnet Calculator – calculate all IPv4 subnets upon given network mask parameters.


There are four different network scanners you can run under this category.

  • Ping Scanner – lets you to quickly scan a range of IP addresses periodically.
  • Network Service Scanner – discovers 70 well-known network services running on machines in the given network.
  • Open Port Scanner – discovers open TCP ports and display information about known services possibly running on the machine.
  • SNMP Scanner– check basic device information of SNMP nodes in the given network.


Overall, NetCrunch Network Tools is a well-designed tool that comes with a nice set of essential network tools that are going to make my work a bit easier. It’s a tool that I will keep and will run on my primary computer to help my day-to-day work.


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