NetSpeedMonitor Monitors Your Network Speed and Data Transfer [Tool]


The built-in Network Status in Windows 7 doesn’t actually provide that much information as needed, for example, the transfer speed rate is one of those features missed. So here comes NetSpeedMonitor, a little free tool that monitor the speed (up- and downstream) of your network interfaces and the amount of data transferred.

image37 - NetSpeedMonitor Monitors Your Network Speed and Data Transfer [Tool]

It’s a small tool that runs as a monitoring toolbar on your taskbar with a useful tooltip that gives you a quick and short traffic overview for Month, Today, and Session. Here are the main features that this little tool offers.

  • Monitoring Network Interface Speed
  • Traffic Logging with SQLite Database
  • Advanced Tooltip with Traffic Overview
  • Custom Double Click Events
  • Multilingual User Interface (MUI)
  • Windows Vista and Windows 7 Aero Support
  • Supports 32 and 64 Bit Operating Systems
  • No additional drivers required

Note that it uses an open source SQLite3 as backend database to save all the traffic data.

The tool supports Windows 7, but only 32-bit. Hope the developer will release a version that supports Windows 7 64-bit soon.


    • Man, good for you. I tried both 32-bit and 64-bit on two of my 64-bit windows 7 machine but none of them worked. The develop also states that currently the 64-bit Windows 7 is not supported.



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