Never Miss An Important Mail from your Outlook with Important Mail Alert add-in


Emails labeled as Important are supposed to be meant important. But the thing is everyone can label it and the definition of importance is different from one person to another. Sometimes, even the same person has the difficulty keeping up the same and label things are differently depending on the day, mode, or even the food.

So the built-in Important emails in Outlook never worked well but here is a solution that might work out much better.

Instead of based on the label on individual emails, what about you put some your own rules to measure the importance automatically based on them?

Important Mail Alert is an Outlook add-in that marks and notifies you when an important email arrived based on the rules you have set up.

Once you installed this add-in, you need to re-open your Outlook to have it loaded properly. You will see a gray bar/box down at the bottom of your Inbox message panel, once it’s loaded. It turns to a bright yellow when it detects an important message arrived.

Important Mail Alert Outlook screen

You will also get a popup notifying you the same, to get more your attention.

Important Mail Alert popup

Because it stands out so much that it hardly can get missed or lost.

The rules are a bunch of text you type in. If an email contains one of these texts it will be labeled as important. And then a yellow popup like above pops up while the alert windows turns to yellow the same time.

Important Mail Alert works seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange Server. It even supports the public folder as well.

Important Mail Alert option

Important Mail Alert is compatible with Outlook 2003 and above. It is the second Microsoft Office add-ins by AbleBits we covered here. The other one is a Note&Todo, which is also a fabulous add-in you might like. Both add-ins are completely free for both commercial and non-commercial use.



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