New Changes on File Management Coming in Windows 8 Beta


To respond approximately 2,200 comments on the new changes on file management in Windows 8, Ilana Smith, a lead program manager on the Engineering System team, authored a post on Building Windows 8 detailing some of the new changes on file management in the up coming Windows 8 beta.

File Copying

First, a new option will be added to the detailed conflict resolution dialog to filter out all files that match on name, size, and time.

The file operation between windows 8 machine is smart enough to take advantage of the increased network throughput on the fly. – This is absolutely new and welcomed.

In the beta, the copy operation will automatically pause when the machine goes in sleep or hibernation, and will prompt to let you choose whether to resume the copy when it wakes up. However, it doesn’t mention if the same options applies when the machine shuts down and boots up again.

Both confirmations and interruptions during the copy operation will also be handled better in beta version.

Windows Explorer

First, congratulations, the infamous Windows 7 navigation pan scrolling bug, which is still presenting in Developer Preview, is finally fixed. It’s go in Windows 8 beta. The question was, what took you so long?

Images, especially JPEGs, will be presented in the right orientation automatically in beta because Explorer now supports EXIF. As long as JPEG has it set correctly, it will be displayed in the right direction in Explorer.


The padlock icon overlay finally has reached its life time on Windows. As of the beta, the padlock overlay has been replaced with a better new “Sharing status” column.

In the beta, pinning any your favorite folders onto Start screen becomes available, as well as a shortcut.


In addition to the useful “Open Command Prompt” option in the context menu, you can now do the same to open PowerShell prompt there too. A nice add-on to PowerShell fans out there.

There are also 3 major ribbon changes in the coming beta.

  • Ribbon minimized by default.
  • Hotkey information added to the tooltips of relevant button. If you hover your cursor over the Ribbon button, an equivalent hotkey tip pops up if there is one.
  • All Explorer settings including Ribbon settings are roamed to your other Windows 8 PC.

All these changes seem to have sharpened up the file management in Windows 8. Managing files efficiently is always the strength using Windows. But since windows 8 is aiming to majorly on tablets market, how much will these new enhanced file management features be adopted on a touch-based device?



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