New Night Light Settings – Windows 10 Creators Update


One of the new features in the upcoming Creators Update is aiming towards those who stays late into the night and working on their PC. With the latest Windows 10 update, Microsoft added a new “Night Light” setting under the display section. This setting will reduce the screen from emitting blue light. The study shows that high exposure to blue light before going to bed will cause circadian rhythms disorder, aka a negative impact towards sleeping at night. By using the night light setting, it will adjust the display to show warmer color and thus help you sleep.

Windows 10 Creators Update Added Night Light Mode

Go to Settings > Display

2017 03 28 1121 600x189 - New Night Light Settings - Windows 10 Creators Update

Turn on “Night light” and go to “Night light settings.”

2017 03 28 1125 - New Night Light Settings - Windows 10 Creators Update

Here you can schedule when to turn on the night light mode base on a particular set of hours or based on your region specific sunset and sunrise time which will shift the length of the night light mode throughout the year. Since each display has its own settings for exposure and contrast, you need to adjust the night light mode per display and calibrate them individually. If you have a laptop that has night mode on but will be connecting to different external monitors, make sure you calibrate those monitors settings when night mode kicks in.



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