Ninite is Not Only a Windows Batch Installer it’s also a Batch Software Updater


We’ve fist introduced ninite as a batch silencer application installer for Windows last year, since then ninite has added more and more common useful freeware into their ever growing list.

One trick you can do with ninite is using it as a software updater. Unlike the mobile iOS environment every application have a centralized place (App Store) to update their software. In Windows, any application that you’ve installed apart from Microsoft won’t be listed in the Windows Update. That means every software vendor have their own way to update their software. To keep your system up to date become increasingly difficult.

With ninite the application that you’ve selected to install will always try to first check your existing software version if it found your current software are outdated it will then automatically download the software for you and perform the software update. Ninite is also smart enough to figure out if your system is best off with 32 bit software or 64 bit.

ninite batch install and update software - Ninite is Not Only a Windows Batch Installer it’s also a Batch Software Updater

As you can see with my existing system, I picked all the software that are available for download as well as all the software that are currently installed on my system. Ninite will check your software version, skip if your software is up to date or even have a newer version (beta for chrome in this case) then the official version.

When you run the ninite installer it is a good idea to save this particular installer for future update use. Give ninite a try, a highly recommended tool for Windows.


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