NirSoft’s New Network Tool – NetworkOpenedFiles


NetworkOpenedFiles is a new simple network tool released by NirSoft that displays the list of all files that are currently are currently opened by other computers on the same network. For every entry listed, it displays Filename, User, Computer Name, Permission, Locks count, File Owner, File Size, File Attributions, etc.


Just like any other NirSoft utilities, NetworkOpenedFiles is free and portable and doesn’t require any installation or additional DLL files. Simply download and run the executable file zipped in the downloaded file. By default, it scans and displays the list of local files that are opened by other computers on the same network. Double-clicking any entry opens up the detail properties dialog box.

NetworkOpenedFiles - individual file properties

You can also terminate any of network opened files by right-clicking it and selecting “Close Selected Opened Files“.

NetworkOpenedFiles - close opened file

NetworkOpenedFiles works on any version of Windows, from Windows XP and all the way up to Windows 10, including Windows Servers, with support to both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. It actually works the best on a server that hosts a lot of files on a network but doesn’t necessary need to be running on a server. Go to Options → Advanced Options, select Load opened network files from remote computer option from the list and type in the name of the file server you want to monitor.

NetworkOpenedFiles - advanced options


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