Norton Identity Safe, A Cloud Based Password Manager for PC and Mobile, Goes in Beta


With more and more password being used online everyday by everyone, Symantec joined the party of password manager by providing its own tool, Norton Identity Safe, which is currently in beta right now, and you can download to try it out for free.

You will need to create your own password vault by following a wizard right after the tool is installed. It’s a 2-step login process. One to log in to your account, and one with more complicated password to get into the vault, where all your online credentials are stored.


Browser plugins are installed automatically during the installation. You can turn its toolbar on by simply right-clicking on the toolbar area in the browser and choose Norton Toolbar. The Identity Safe is now part of the Norton Toolbar. Most of the major browsers are supported, including IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. It also supports iOS and Android devices. Since it’s in beta right now, you can only test out the iOS app through TestFlight. You won’t be able to find it on App Store.

For those who use Norton Internet Security or Norton 360, Norton Identity Safe beta is already included and installed with them. So you don’t have to install it separately.

All critical personal online credentials are stored online through Norton Identity Safe. To access them, you can go to its web portal and sing in with 2-step passwords.


It seems that LastPass is the most popular password manager on the market right now. But it’s always a good idea having a competitor to push for better, especially one from a company that has the reputation in the same area. And Symantec and its Norton brand sure have that reputation to get in play.




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