Norton Zone – Another Big Name Came Late to the Game


If you don’t know what it is, Norton Zone is a new file sharing cloud service that works just like other ones on the market. It’s the Norton version of Dropbox.

You install Norton Zone on one computer, assign one folder called Norton Zone, and start saving files into that folder. Anything you put in that folder will be automatically sync’d to the cloud space on Norton, and can be shared to the same folder on other devices, or to the public through a share link.

Does that sound familiar?

Norton Zone offers 5G free cloud space to start with. You can buy more space if you like the service.  But when I was trying the Buy More link on their website, it gave me an error page. So I guess they aren’t quite ready yet for the paid service?

Norton Zone introducing - Norton Zone - Another Big Name Came Late to the Game

Sharing in Norton Zone is easy with features like version control and commenting. You can share files directly from Norton Zone through the context menu in Windows Explorer. Once the file shared, it can be opened as a webpage on the website. Your sharing parties then can leave comments on the stuff you’re sharing, which makes the collaboration a lot more efficient and easier with more fun. The stuff you shared will also be scanned for malware and virus to put another protection to your sharing buddies.

Norton Zon file sharing 1024x667 - Norton Zone - Another Big Name Came Late to the Game

Norton Cloud is available on all popular platforms including Windows, Mac, and the mobile platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows RT. Yes, Norton Cloud has a native Windows 8 App that works on Windows RT. That’s pretty cool.


Norton Cloud is a pretty solid cloud file sharing and sync’ing solution that is both easy to use and safely to use. Given the reputation Norton has earned over the years, we should trust them having a good hands to protect our data.

The 5G free space to start is quite limited and not enough, especially when considering how late it is come to play in this cloud computing game. It would be quite good if it were released a few years ago. But now, 1) why bother? 2) if bothered, why only 5G to start with? With the features I see and test, it’s just not enough to have people switched from other big names like Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Google Drive. The only thing I see this could be a success is that it’s embedded or integrated with Norton’s other products.



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