Note&Do Puts Note Taker and To-do Planner right in Microsoft Office


Note&Do is a free Microsoft Office add-in that acts as your 2-in-1 assistant, notes taker and planner, on top of your Office. The add-in integrates itself very well into your Microsoft office programs, whether it’s Word, Excel, or PowerPoint or Outlook. The notes you add in one application automatically appear on the others, so does every Todo entries. It’s a very good productivity enhancement tool that is going to be very useful to those of you who live in the Microsoft Office world.


Because it’s an add-in program to MS Office, close all your Office applications before installing it. And the Note&Do panel will appear at the right side of your Office application once you reopen them after the add-in is installed.

It has two tabs at the top, one for Notes taker and one for To-do planner.

To add a note in the Notes tab, just drag and drop any text you are working on or an Outlook email message, task. Anything you can drag and drop there can be created as a note on the sidebar. You can also categorize the notes and pin it to all applications or just the one you choose.


You can do the same drag & drop to To Do tab to create a To-do entry, or just double click the empty spot. The To Do planner is quite simple, just create and make it complete when it’s done. If the list gets too long, you can put some text at the top to filter the tasks, or hide all completed tasks as well.


Note&Todo Office add-in works for Office 2003 and up, both 32bit and 64bit editions, on Windows XP and above. It’s a free add-in for both commercial and non-commercial use. Thanks to AbleBits for putting up a very nice products for all Microsoft Office users.



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